ami hanna
light designer

Ami studied piano composition and performance throughout childhood and found a talent for technology in high school through scoring, transcribing and recording personal compositions. She went on to perform in jazz bars, high end restaurants, and musical theatrical productions, all the while bouncing between creative mediums with writing poetry, painting sacred geometry, studying yoga and obtaining a degree in massage and bodywork.
She developed into a spoken word artist through using poetry as an outlet for healing and vocalizing those pieces at open mic nights. Those poetry pieces ended up being accompanied with live improvised piano and beats.
This led into creating music videos from public domain clips as that the audience would be able to visually connect to the metaphors, and taking a projector to display those images to accompany each piece.
Creating music videos led into wanting to manipulate the clips live. As it turns out… VJing is a thing. I VJ’d clubs and raves for a while but sometimes Lighting Designers drown out the video so I decided to learn lighting too.